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Please promote your wallpapers here :)

I want this site to provide an index of all the great dynamic wallpapers available.

This applies even if your wallpapers are only available through your own site, or app

How can I link to a site or app?

When you share your wallpaper, you can either upload a complete wallpaper, or you can provide a standard url link and a short description

This can be a link to your website, your app page, or (ideally) a deep link direct into your app

Deep linking, and ideally a service like is the best way to provide a link as this will open within your app if the user has installed it, and prompt them to install the app if they haven't

Can I link to a paid wallpapers?


Are there any limitations on how my preview images should look

Yes, I want the site to have a consistent style. The easiest way for you to generate a preview is using my free app

If you want to make your own preview in a similar style, then that is totally fine, but if you're adding garish logos or the preview doesn't fit in with the site, then I won't approve it

Why are you doing this?

I want to promote Multi Monitor Wallpaper. One of the features it has is the ability to spread dynamic wallpapers across multiple screens. Multi Monitor Wallpaper will eventually have an ability to browse and download wallpapers from this site. For external wallpapers, it will give users an option to open them with the provided link

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